Need help with OWN3D Pro?

Our Overlays work with Twitch, YouTube and Facebook. Alerts are currently only supported on Twitch. The Plugin is currently only supported for Windows 10 (64 bit) operating system. Mac OS is not supported yet, but we plan to support it in the future.

You can access your OWN3D Pro license key by logging into your dashboard.

You will need a license key to activate the OBS plugin in OBS Studio. Please do not share this license key with anyone. Free membership allows you to pick and choose among all free designs. Additional overlays and functions will be activated as soon as you sign up for a paid membership.

Just open OBS Studio as usual. Click on "Tools" on the top right side of your screen and you'll find our OWN3D Pro plugin.

In most cases this is because OBS hasn't been installed in the default directory. Please make sure that you have installed OBS Studio and OWN3D Pro in the same directory.

All Overlays are availabe in English. Some of our Overlays are also available in German, French, Spanish & Portuguese. We are constanly updateing OWN3D.Pro so check back frequently to get your beloved overlays in your native language.

At the moment, that is not possible. But we are working on a solution for the future.

Panels, Emotes, Badges, Twitch Trailers and more can be purchased at if needed.

In the bottom right corner you will find a purple chat bubble. Simply click on it and leave a nice message.

If you are looking for features that are not yet available or if you just have a cool idea, feel free to submit them over here. Please note, however, that we cannot promise to implement all ideas.

We offer different payment methods depending on your country. Subscriptions are automatically renewed after expiry.

Absolutely! We could write an eternally long text about our awesomeness and adulate ourselves, but that would be boring. Just take a look at Trustpilot to see what our customers are saying.

Please contact our payment provider Xsolla regarding this matter. You can find their Livechat over here. has a fair-use policy, this means you'll always be able to use our overlays, alerts and features during your subscription period. However, you might find your download speed throttled if you go over the fair use amount of 20 downloads. The reason behind this is simple. If one user is constantly downloading dozens of overlays, it will slow the connection for others who are downloading at the same time. This restriction is imposed to ensure that the best download speed is available to the maximum number of users.

No, unfortunately that is not possible. Please make sure to subscribe with your correct account!

To cancel your subscription, simply click on your profile and then on “cancel subscription”. We won’t stand in your way should you decide to go, but we will certainly miss you :(