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A new home for Overlays & Alerts

OWN3D Pro OBS Plugin

Be creative and deep-dive into the colorful world of 400+ Overlays & Alerts with our OWN3D Pro OBS Plugin. Set yourself apart and stand out as a content creator!
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  • Install Overlays with one click

    With OWN3D Pro it’s easy to change Overlays and Alerts within a couple of seconds. The only thing you have to do is to choose your desired design and click install. Ready set go!

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  • Embed your Twitch Chat into OBS Studio

    OWN3D Pro also allows you to integrate the Twitch Chat in OBS Studio. You can also include labels like Latest Follower, Latest Cheer & Top Donation in your Twitch stream. Isn't that cool!

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“With OWN3D Pro, I was able to set up my stream to my taste in under 5 minutes.”

GhostZero, Twitch Affiliate
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With OWN3D Pro we fill the gap between streamers and their beloved community by providing our customers with high-quality graphics & features!
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    Freedom to stream, experiment and create.

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    All OWN3D Pro assets are covered by our commercial license.

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